Power Trip.


What does a dog do during the day? How about an adventure downtown?


Travel through space! Learn about new creatures! Explore strange planets!


Trapped in TV Land.


Help Sammy find his neighbor's dog's missing jewel by questioning witnesses and searching for clues in this book written and illustrated by Chris Gregory.


Help Sammy solve his next mystery. It all starts with a strange note he finds. Can you help him solve this in time? Find clues and put them together to solve the deadline mystery. Written and illustrated by Chris Gregory.


The Fair is in town and Sammy has a ticket for a free ride. There's only one problem. Things are missing from all around the fairground. Can Sammy find all the missing things? You can help Sammy solve the Mystery at the B-Town Fair! Written and illustrated by Chris Gregory.

Learn how to make ladybug cupcakes, wooly bear waffles, and horse hoof hamburgers in this children's recipe book written by Kim Schlaht and illustrated by Chris Gregory. TICO Publishing

Born with the gift of supernatural abilities she suppresses in order to live a normal life, Julie Summers is taken unaware when her powers of clairvoyance begin to invade her dreams. Her inability to allow an innocent life to be taken brings forth a mysterious detective who is interested in more than just her powers. Visions of sacrificial murders follow soon after, and along with it, the terrifying truth of the last sacrifice to be given. It becomes a race against time as Julie runs for her life as well as her freedom, but can she find the ones behind the murders before the last innocent life is taken? Written by Teresa A. Leighton and illustrated by Chris Gregory. TICO Publishing

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